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How to lose weight: 9 scientific ways to drop the fat

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When curiosity starts to kick in and you decide you want to get fit, there’s one thing to do. Lose weight and become healthy. But to be in good shape, you probably know the golden rule: eat less and move more. 

While both are correct and can help you cut those pounds, did you know that there are still other ways? Well, yes! There are science-backed studies and strategies to help you conquer your weight loss journey easier than usual. 

Though — it’s not something that you may expect. Still, it can help! Here are nine ways to drop those pounds healthily! 

Lose weight in these 9 Steps

We know how pressuring it is to lose weight. There are those non-stop recommendations of supplements and pills to cut those pounds off. Sometimes, you may feel that you’re about to lose the race! 

While there are endless ways for rapid weight loss, most methods are not as effective as you think. Though there are some strategies, not all are powerful and tested by science.

Strategies like tracking your calorie intake, intermittent fasting, reducing carbs, and doing exercise can be effective for weight loss management. Scientifically, it can help you shed those pounds. 

In this article, I will try to consider these 9 effective weight loss methods backed by science.

Track your diet and exercise

We know how eager you are to lose weight. But you should be aware of everything you drink and eat each day. The ideal way is to log every item you consume in your journal or online food tracker. 

That way, you’ll be able to track down what foods you eat and the exercise you can counter to shed those pounds. Researchers gathered 3.7 billion health app downloads online. And most health apps, physical activity, and weight loss are at the top. 

So, it’s never too late to download one for your mobile! Science has fully backed this method, as on-the-go is an efficient way to manage your weight loss goals. 

Cut back on sugar and carbs

All you need is to lose the sugar and carbs when aiming to lose weight! Any refined carbs are processed foods that don’t have nutrients or fiber. These foods include bread, pasta, and white rice. Each of these is easy to digest and converts to glucose rapidly.

It’s a bit hard to accept because pasta is a delicious thing! But any excess glucose that enters the blood provokes the hormone insulin encouraging fat storage. Though distressing, you can take sugar — in a healthier way! 

There are good food swaps for sugary foods that you can try. Here are those: 

  • Nuts, fruit, and seeds instead of high-sugar snacks.
  • Fruit-water and herb teas instead of high-sugar sodas.
  • Milk or smoothies with water instead of having fruit juice.
  • Instead of the usual white versions, any whole-grain rice, bread, and pasta.

Eat more protein

Protein can help appetite hormones to make you feel full. This event happens because of the decrease in hunger hormone and a rise insatiate hormone peptide. 

Foods high in protein include oats, eggs, nuts, and seed butter. You may also try quinoa, porridge, sardines, and chia seed pudding. 

Get a good night’s sleep

Multiple studies proved that having less than five to six hours of sleep per night is associated with obesity. There are many reasons behind this, but how long you sleep generally affects the regulation of the appetite. 

Poor quality sleep slows down your metabolism. This method enables the body to store energy as fat. Also, insufficient sleep can increase the production of insulin, which promotes fat storage. So, if you wish to lose fat starting today, get a full and good night’s sleep! 

Try to control stress

When you’re under constant stress, your body system increases its appetite. This factor leads you to eat more than expected. You can look out for an eight-week stress-management intervention program to help you handle your stress. 

Meditation, yoga, tai chi, breathing, and relaxation techniques can also relieve stress. Best of all, doctors highly suggest spending some time outdoors with your family and friends! Have a short walk or do some hobbies outside if possible.

Eat more fiber

Eating fiber-rich foods can help increase the feeling of fullness, leading to weight loss. These fiber-rich foods include fruits and vegetables, peas, beans, and pulses. You can also try to have seeds, nuts, or whole-grain foods like pasta, cereals, bread, or oats. 

Limit your food choices

Too many choices on your plate can boost your appetite. So to counter this temptation, stick with a single flavor profile per meal. Ensure not to overload your senses by putting barbecue chicken, salad, and pesto on one plate. This way can even make you hungrier! 

Eat mindfully

Mindful eating is how you pay attention to how and where you eat. This activity can enable you to enjoy your food while maintaining a healthy weight. If you’re not confident with yourself, there are techniques for this method. Some of it is: 

  • Do not turn on the TV or phone.
  • Paying attention to your food and enjoying the experience. 
  • Eat slowly, savoring each flavor. 
  • Considering the best and healthiest food choices. 

Try intermittent fasting

People who want to lose weight always go for this kind of fasting. Intermittent fasting is a style of eating that involves short-term fasting and taking meals in a shorter time. The usual intermittent fasting method includes:

Alternate fasting days

This fast means fasting every other day and eating normally on nonfasting days. It works by eating 25 to 30% of the body’s energy needs on fasting days.

The 5:2 diet

This fasting works on two out of every seven days on fasting days. You only eat 500 to 600 calories for this method. 

The 16:8 diet

The 16:8 diet is popular among all. You fast for 16 hours only during an 8-hour window in this process. Most people will take this fasting around 12 noon to 8:00 pm. 


Losing weight is not easy. While there are many ways, scientific-backed methods are an effective process to help you cut back those pounds. If you feel you need the assistance of an expert, don’t think twice to ask for assistance. Many healthcare providers are willing to help you with your concern.

At Ezratty Integrative Aesthetics, we offer services like Integrative Health Optimization, which can help you feel good about your body. Our goal is to provide the proper diet to dramatically improve your daily performance. You’ll be able to know your body more and train yourself to become better in every aspect. 


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