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I’m Featured on The Blonde Files!

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Recently, I went to L.A. to record an episode of The Blonde Files podcast with my dear friend Arielle Lore. I’d love it if you could give it a listen! We discussed so much on the podcast that I often discuss with my clients. Here are a few highlights:


“Once you hit 35, things change. It’s when perimenopause can begin. I hear over and over again that clients are waking up at 2 AM despite no trouble falling asleep. That’s progesterone that’s waking you up. It’s one of the most important hormones we have, and as we age our progesterone levels decrease. Replacing progesterone can have a profound effect. 

The goal with any time you’re replacing anything is to replace it, not to augment it. You want to take it back to what you lost. We’re not looking to take your numbers skyrocketed or for you to feel like you’re going to you know, fly…the goal is just to make you feel good again.”


“Inflammation is a catch-all term for the symptoms our bodies show us when they’re revved up. As we age, our inflammation starts to skyrocket. In today’s culture, inflammation comes from what we’re eating, the lifestyle we live—adrenaline rushes all the time. We’re constantly consuming. 

It’s important to be as anti-inflammatory as possible; inflammation is pro-aging. If you’re drinking a lot of alcohol, eating a ton of sugar, and living a very stressful life, you’re inflamed by definition. We need to calm it down. That includes making sure your hormones are balanced and your thyroid is in check.”

Looking Younger

“If you want to look younger and remain youthful, you’re going to have to do some cosmetic things. You don’t have to change the way you look, but we want to soften the way we look. A little Botox in there can help. PRP can keep your hair healthy and fertilize your roots—we know hair starts to shed as we get older, too.” 


“Supplementation, as we get older, is really important—none of us are getting all the nutrients we need such as glutathione or Vitamin C, two of my favorites. I also love magnesium.”


“We need movement—schedule movement. It’s great for our bones and helps the integrity of our muscles. It’s not great for weight loss, but it’s great for your mental health. Women will do HIIT classes, which revs up their metabolism so much they overeat. It’s counterproductive. Walk, do low-impact strength training.” 

I’d love to tell you more about these things in person—come see me and book an integrative medical health consultation so we can dig deep and make you beautiful inside and out.


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