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What is Botox Cosmetic Treatment?

What is Botox Cosmetic Treatment.

Are you looking for ways to remove those wrinkles and fine lines? Then, botox may be the solution. Botox cosmetic therapy is gaining popularity as more individuals opt for minimally invasive appearance-enhancing technology over plastic surgery. Here at Ezratty Integrative Aesthetics LLC, we offer botox treatment to help you achieve your goal. We have our team of […]

What is the best way to stop/control hair loss in women?

What is the best way to stopcontrol hair loss in women

Are you suffering from hair loss lately? Are you concerned about this unusual condition? If so, you’re not alone. We lose at least 80 strands of hair a day on average, so it’s normal to find a lot of hair strands around your house. But anything more than this could be affected by specific triggers, […]

Pre and post-care Instructions for skin after dermal filler

Pre and Post-Care Instructions for skin after Dermal Filler

Done with your dermal filler treatment? Are you satisfied with the results? So — what’s next?  At Ezratty Integrative Aesthetics, we frequently ask about dermal fillers and what to expect after treatment. The tip is the same whether you have had treatment on your lips, hands, or face. It is crucial to listen to the information provided […]

NAD: an IV treatment with maximum results

NAD | EIA Aesthetics | Alpharetta and Atlanta, GA

There are so many IV treatments available in the market today, each claiming various benefits for different parts of the body. From having rejuvenated skin to a stronger immune system, these IV treatments are perfect for those who want their vitamins and minerals sent directly to the bloodstream and see the maximum effects within a […]

How to lose weight: 9 scientific ways to drop the fat

IV Therapy | EIA Aesthetics

When curiosity starts to kick in and you decide you want to get fit, there’s one thing to do. Lose weight and become healthy. But to be in good shape, you probably know the golden rule: eat less and move more.  While both are correct and can help you cut those pounds, did you know that […]

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